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Sunday Update - life

Jun. 3rd, 2007 02:12 pm Sunday Update

Feeling fine! Saw the doctor on Thursday lots of prodding and testing and lots of needles but that is ok I'm used to that. He thinks things will get back on track again soon with some med changes and then some more test in a few weeks. I have been dealing with this darn tumor for 9 years now and it is cool sometimes our bodies need readjustment to things. He said I should lose the 25 pounds now with the changes the water weight is just a side effect so that is great news maybe i will get into my 34" pants again. I would love that.

In between all the test on Thursday I did get to enjoy the Arts festival in Pittsburgh then went to see the Chihuly show at the Phipps conservatory and it was very impressive as always this is the third or 4th time I have seen one of the Chihuly shows and that man impresses me with the organic form of his glass sculputres and the way they flow in the gardens is amazing I would kill for one piece of his glass but the lowest priced piece I could find was 5100 oh well the charge card could handle but I don't think I could handle the payments who knows maybe a winfall of cash will flow my way. Pat said we could sell a couple antiques but heck that would be like cutting an arm off. Oh well if anyone is in the Pittsburgh region this year stop by it was fantastic. Although the St. Louis show was larger this is very nice also. The day was in the 90's and wonderful until we went to leave Pittsburgh to drive home. Some idiot threatened to blow up the tunnels in Pittsburgh and well that slowed traffic to a hault and then a huge storm blew into town like a hurricane in a small sense garbage cans flying and all. I still got out of the car and ran up the street while waiting in traffic for my Starbucks Pat said I was nuts but it was so worth it. I love my Frappacinos they will be the death of me.

Ok the weekend worked yesterday not much news then read my Brokeback stories I love them all so much.

Today fiddled around the yard so far now waiting for Pat to get out of the shower so we can run up to Chautaqua and see the sites and visit some friends. Hope all is well in the cyber world. Joe

Current Location: Hammock back yard
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Current Music: birds chiriping in yard

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